University of Iceland

Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

The School of Engineering and Natural Sciences (SENS) has a strong interdisciplinary scientific team with experience from international R&D and innovation projects. Dr. Runar Unnthorsson is currently coordinating the H2020 project Sound of Vision. UoI was partner in the FP6 funded project Chill-on (2006-2011) focusing on quality and safety, transparency and traceability of the chilled/frozen supply chain of fish products.

UoI will coordinate the project and be responsible for WP1, WP3 and WP6. The work include overall project management in WP1, evaluation of requirements and design of the Smart Label system in WP3 and data analysis and data presentation in WP6.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd

School of engineering

OUAS is the biggest engineering educator in northern-Finland with the student population of 9000 students (School of engineering: 2900). There are 28 study programs in OUAS, of which 7 in the School of Engineering. One of the spearhead technologies in School of Engineering is printed electronics. Belonging to the department of Information Technology, printed electronics has expertize and a laboratory PrintLab with high-end equipment, including roll-to-roll manufacturing line etc etc. Further, the department of Information technology has wide expertise in mobile and wireless communications. The department of Energy focus on energy issues, department of Construction works with planning buildings and the department of Automation specializes in measurements.

Ardtoe – FAI Aquaculture Ltd Ardtoe Marine Research Facility

Ardtoe carries out both in-house and publicly funded research in marine aquaculture whilst also producing commercial quantities of turbot, sole, and cod fry, urchin juveniles, oyster spat and seaweeds for sale to farmers in the UK and elsewhere.


Nofima is Europe’s largest institute for applied research within the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and food. Nofima has extensive international experience from relevant projects the food and seafood sector, and carries out RTD related to economics, marketing, logistics, process mapping, rationalisation, decision support and traceability, particularly of seafood products. Additionally we do quality analyses to study time of shelf life based on different packaging technologies and storage conditions. We have participated in several projects aiming to develop software for fisheries and aquaculture. An important role for us in this project will be to connect the data in the smart-label database to electronic product information, that exists in the supply chain seafood. Nofima will lead the WP2 (communication activities) and WP7 (System and Acceptance testing).


Offers a wide range of fish delicacies. Hätälä prepare all products at the state of the art facilities in Oulu, Finland, using only the best raw ingredients. Role in the project: Piloting smart labels in real-life situations in the fish transport chain from Norway and Iceland to Finland.

Associate Partners