Seminar about the NPA Smart-Fish research project

Mar 2017

  Kystens Hus, Stortorget, Tromsø, Norge

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Smart solutions to monitor and track seafood during transport

Welcome to a short seminar about the NPA Smart-Fish research project.

Download the presentations in PDF-format here.

The goal of the research project is to develop smart labels produced with print technology. Using this technology fish can be monitored from the moment they are caught until served at the dinner table.

The core product developed in Smart-Fish is an electronic label (an electronic device printed onto a thin, flexible label) that will be put on individual food packages.

Also developed, is a service for collecting and presenting data from the electronic labels. It can be used for monitoring and tracking location and temperature of packages during transport. Using the service, food producers can monitor their packages during transport and verify if they are properly handled.

Meet the Scientists and hear the latest news from the project.

Date: Thursday March 2nd, 2017
Place: Kystens Hus, Tromsø
Time: 14.00-15.30
Price: Free

Registration for the seminar: Send an email to or call +47 94 39 11 15


Senior Scientist Roy Robertsen, Nofima

Short introduction about the project
Project manager Ragnheidur L. Thorarinsdottir,
University of Iceland

The Technology
Scientists Harri Määttä og Henry Hinkula,
Oulu University of applied science

Traceability and data integration
Sigbjørn Ramsøy, Maritech

Smart-label system microbial analyses
Scientist Birgitte Moen, Nofima

Discussion about use and potential